1. "Encounter" - Mediation Talks with Ferguson

    "Encounter" - a discussion of bringing Mediation to Ferguson will air at 1:30pm on stations 13.20 a.m. and 95.9 f.m. The discussion continues June 3, 2019 at the Civilian Review Board meeting. TUNE IN NOW!! to stations 13.20 a.m and 95.9 f.m.
  2. Biggest Yard Sale In History!!

  3. Ferguson Farmer's Market Opens Saturday May 4th

    For more information, season schedule, vendor list and more visit the market website below. Ferguson Farmer's Market
  4. Metro Reimagined Town Hall Meeting

    Are you looking for an opportunity to discuss the proposed changes to area bus routes. Join other residents and Metro Representatives in a dialogue of how you will be impacted.

To read the latest news and updates from the Mayor and City Council, including information about the Agreement with the Department of Justice please click the link below: