Recyclable Pickup
Recyclables will also be collected on the same day with your normal trash pickup, at the curbline only. Recycling containers need to be at the curbline prior to 6 a.m. on collection day. Recyclables will not be accepted in an unmarked container or plastic bags. Items to be collected can be found below.

Participation Appreciation
There are many benefits to the city and the environment from recycling and we encourage everyone in our community to participate. The new recycle containers make it easy to do. You simply use the container to dispose of all recyclable items and put the container out at the curb on your normal trash pick up day, Allied Waste does the rest.

We thank all of you that are participating in the recycle program already. Recycling saves valuable space at our landfills which are quickly filling up. Due to the increasing fees to deposit trash at landfills, recycling saves on these fees which in turn keeps our trash bills reasonable.

Unused Containers
Although we strongly encourage everyone to participate in the recycling program, if you are not using your container, please contact Public Works at 314-521-8373 so we may pick up your container.

Recyclable Fibers List
Listed below are the accepted recyclable items:
  • Cardboard - no wax board
  • Carrier stock - soda and beer can carrying cases
  • Chipboard - cereal, cake, and food mix boxes, gift boxes, etc.
  • Junk mail and envelopes - no plastic cards, stick on labels, or unused stamps
  • Kraft (brown) bags
  • Magazines, catalogs, and telephone books
  • Newspaper - including inserts (remove plastic sleeve)
  • Office, computer, notebook, and gift wrap paper (no metal clips or spirals)
  • Paperback books (no hard cover books)
Recyclable Commingled Containers
Listed below are the accepted recyclable items:
  • Aluminum beverage cans (trays and foil)
  • Aseptic packaging - juice boxes and cartons
  • Glass food containers, beverage bottles, and jars - (soda, beer, wine, and food jars)
  • Steel / tin food and beverage cans (empty aerosol cans accepted)
  • #1 PET beverage containers - soda, water, flavored drinks (clear and green)
  • #2 HDPE natural containers - milk, water, and juice jugs
  • #2 HDPE color containers - detergent and  fabric softener bottles
  • #3 PVC narrow neck containers only
  • #4 LDPE - margarine tubs, frozen desert cups, 6 and 12 pack rings
  • #5 PP - yogurt cups, narrow neck syrup, and ketchup bottles
  • #7 Other - narrow neck containers only