City Clerk


The City Clerk Provides administrative, legislative, and secretarial support to the Mayor and City Council, Pension Board and City Manager; interacts with the public, department heads, staff, and officials from other cities, maintains continuous communication between City officials and the public, and is also responsible for fulfilling all statutory duties of the Clerk and serves as the custodian of records. 

As the custodian of records, the City Clerk maintains meeting minutes, ordinances, resolutions and other vital documents. To obtain copies of open records, requests should be submitting using the following link   Contact the Office of the City Clerk for additional information.     
Voter registration in the City of Ferguson is administered by the St. Louis County Board of Elections.  To register to vote in St. Louis County a person must:     
  • Be a U.S. citizen;
  • Be 17 1/2 years old (18 years old by election day)
  • A resident of St. Louis County
For more information, please contact the St. Louis County Board of Elections at (314) 615-1800.  For a registration form, please click here.

The City Clerk is responsible for all Liquor License applications submitted pursuant to Chapter 4 of the Municipal Code, found here. Those wishing to apply for a liquor license must meet all applicable building and zoning regulations before submitting the liquor license application. Liquor licenses are approved by the City Council at their regularly scheduled meetings.

For a liquor license application, please click here. Please note, all required documentation and payment of the required fee must be submitted with the application.  Required documentation includes, but may not be limited to the following:
  • State of Missouri liquor license or application (more information can be found here),
  • St. Louis County liquor license or application (more information can be found here),
  • Missouri No Tax Due Certificate (more information can be found here),
  • Paid property tax receipt,
  • Background Check (performed by the City of Ferguson),
  • Voter Registration,
  • Compliant Exterior Inspection,
  • Inventory List (when applicable).