Housing Programs & Services

Save Money. Love Your HomeSave money while increasing the comfort of your home. St. Louis County SAVES™ is a new low-interest rate loan program for energy efficiency improvements for St. Louis County home owners.

Energy Efficiency Begins at Home
  • Make energy efficiency upgrades, including replacing HVAC and water heaters
  • Interest rate fixed at 3.5% for unsecured personal loan; APR will vary based on loan fee and term
  • Owner-occupied, single-family homes are eligible
  • Borrower requirements set at FICO score ≥ 660; Debt-to-income ratio 45%
  • Borrow $2,500-$15,000
  • Combine with utility rebates and federal tax credits for more savings
St. Louis County SAVES™ is dedicated to providing you these benefits:
  • Save money on rising energy cost
  • Improve the comfort of your home
  • Keep St. Louis County green and growing
Additional Information
For more information and to apply visit the St. Louis County SAVES™ website or contact the Director of Energy Sustainability Anne Klein at 314-332-2156.