Neighborhood Organizations

Ferguson has many active neighborhood organizations. You can find your local neighborhood organization by clicking on the map below. You can find your local neighborhood organization's next meeting by clicking the calendar on the right side of the page.

Neighborhood Map

Neighborhood Organizations Contact Information

Forestwood Neighborhood Group
Contact: Donald Stevens at (314) 561-0379

Jeske Park Neighborhood Association
Contact: Kate Mazzacavallo at 

Contact:Paul Beins at (314) 869-5080

North Hills Neighborhood
Contact: Keith Kallstrom at (314) 524-1720

Northwest Ferguson (Ferguson Hills, Ferguson Fields, and Pauline Park)
Contact: Shelley Davis at

Old Ferguson East Neighborhood Association
Contact: Glenda Rickard at (314) 364-4306

Old Ferguson West Neighbors
Contact: Vicki Salsman at (314) 522-3883

Robert-Superior Neighborhood Group
Contact: Craig Kidd at (314) 522-3151

Southwest Ferguson Neighborhood Group
Contact: Ken Barnadyn at (314) 524-5257

Wabash Neighborhood Association
Contact: Shonnette Morgan at