Municipal Services

Department Overview

Municipal Services is responsible for upkeep of the city's streets, parks, and the Municipal Garage. Maintenance duties and care includes:

  • City streets
  • Buildings
  • Grounds
  • Lighting
  • Parks
  • Repairing city vehicles and equipment
  • Right-of-ways
  • Sidewalks
Municipal Services- Parks Division

Our Municipal Services Parks Division falls under the direction of the Public Works Department. This Division is responsible for the maintenance of our 11 City Parks totaling over 107 acres.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Lawn Maintenance- All weekly mowing, trimming, fertilizing, aerating and weed control at all 11 City Parks.
  • Victorian Lights / Trail Lights - Perform all routine maintenance activities such as replacing ballast, bulbs and painting post.
  • All Forestry - Identify, inventory, and remove all dead, damaged and diseased trees in all 11 City Parks. Plant trees on a semi-annual basis. Trim and prune trees on an as needed basis.
  • Sports Field Maintenance- Set up all Softball, Baseball, Soccer, and ASA Softball Tournament fields. Monitor all fields on a daily basis insuring fields are in good playing condition.
  •  Playground Equipment Maintenance - Install all new playground equipment. Inspect all equipment on a weekly/monthly schedule and repair or replace equipment as needed. Mulch all playgrounds on a monthly schedule for safety reasons and keep all grounds as weed free as possible.
  •  Pavilion Maintenance and Rental - Maintain all pavilion structures, equipment, restrooms, picnic tables and recreational equipment. Prepare pavilions for weekday and weekend rentals.
  •  Parks and Pool - Open and close all parks on a daily basis, inspect and clean restrooms, empty trash receptacles and pick up trash throughout the park system. Complete all the maintenance and seasonal preparation for our Splash at Wabash Aquatic Center. 
  •  Building Maintenance - Perform all routine maintenance activities on all buildings and offices located within our Park system. Perform most electrical, carpentry and plumbing repairs when possible.
  •  Informational Park Signage - Routinely inventory all park signage for replacement repair or painting needs.

Forestry Division
The Forestry Division of the Public Works Department has continued to demonstrate an excellent commitment to an effective, on-going community forestry program.  Our community has been awarded for the 24th straight year the "Tree City USA'' award given by the National Arbor Day Foundation. We also continue each year to celebrate Arbor Day events and special tree planting projects throughout the City.

The Forestry crew is responsible for the routine maintenance of over 3,600 trees located on City Right of Ways and in our 11 community parks. This maintenance includes; routine tree inspections,inventory, trimming, pruning, crown cleaning, and tree removals due to storm damaged and/or disease.  The Forestry Division works on storm damage clean up throughout the year as needed.

Fire Wood, Mulch, Christmas Tree Recycling
Along with the activities mentioned above we also recycle all the trees that we have trimmed or removed and offer free to all Ferguson residents, mulch and split firewood.

is available all year and can be picked up at the entrance of our Municipal Garage located at 901 Ferguson Ave. from 7:00 am until 3:30 pm.

is available November through March and can be picked up at our Municipal Garage located at 901 Ferguson Ave. from 7:00 am until 3:30 pm. Firewood is limited to a 1/2 pick up truck load per week per household. Please keep in mind that firewood is split only when sufficient manpower is available and is not available every day.

Christmas Tree recycling is offered each year at our Christmas Tree "Drop Off Site" after the Christmas Holiday. This site is located at the Forestwood Sports Complex, 825 Ferguson Ave. from December 26 through January 31.

Mosquito Fogging
The City of Ferguson provides mosquito control services to residents throughout the City. This service provided by the Public Works Department includes treatment of adult and larval mosquitos. Efforts by all residents to reduce breeding sites on their private property can alleviate additional mosquitos.

Vector Control
Our Vector Control (evening/night fogging) program is operated on a complaint-driven basis. The fog from our sprayers can travel up to 300 feet from the road. Residents often notice relief for up to 5-7 days following fogging. We have four designated fogging routes that weather permitting, runs from May to mid October.

Established larviciding routes cover most of the city. We also take complaints from residents regarding possible breeding sites. Our routes include ditches, drains, sewers, storm drains, creeks, and other chronic breeding locations.

Help Prevent Mosquitos In Your Neighborhood

  • Properly remove any standing water in old tires, buckets, pots, drums, and other containers that may store water.
  • Cover or store boats, canoes, and wheelbarrows upside down when not in use.
  • Empty your small plastic/aluminum wading pool and birdbath weekly.
  • Repair leaky pipes and outside faucets that allow runoff water to accumulate.
  • Clean clogged roof gutters and drain flat roofs.
  • Report any problems with sewer or storm creeks causing standing water to Metropolitan Sewer District. remember, don't dump grass clippings, branches or other items into storm creeks. You can contact MSD at 314-768-6260 or at their website:
Mosquitos only develop in water and water standing for a little over one week can produce a crop of mosquitos. Adult mosquitos frequently rest in grass, shrubbery or other foliage, but they never develop there. All mosquitos need water in which to pass their early life stages. Some mosquitos lay their eggs in standing water where they hatch in a day or two. Other mosquitos lay eggs in old tires, cans or other water holding containers in which they may remain unhatched for weeks or months until they are covered with water.

Creeks and Sewers

All creeks, streams and sewers within the City of Ferguson are the sole responsibility and property of the St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD).

If you experience a problem that involves a creek or sewer, please contact:

MSD Customer Service at 314-768-6260 or visit their website at: