Custom Home Improvement Loan (CHIL)

CHIL Loans Available to Ferguson Residents
With a Custom Home Improvement Loan (CHIL), Ferguson residents can apply for loans of up to $25,000, with repayment periods of up to seven years, at just 3% interest.

Loan Improvements
With a CHIL loan, through UMB Bank, you can change your home’s look and value with an interior or exterior improvement project. Whether it be a new bathroom, a roof, new windows, a kitchen remodel, new floors, finishing the basement, or just about anything else on your to-do list.

CHIL loan applicants must live in Ferguson, own and occupy the home to be improved, have sufficient income to repay the loan, good credit, and enough equity in the house to support the loan. There is no upper or lower income limit for the program and no penalty for early repayment.

After loan approval, the City of Ferguson will conduct an exterior inspection of the property to see whether it complies with the city’s exterior appearance code. Any items found not to be in compliance must be repaired. CHIL loan funds can be used to abate code violations.

Loan Application
To apply for a loan, please contact Lindy Ratliff of UMB Bank at 800-821-2171, ext. 1654. For more information about the CHIL program, call the FNIP office at 314-524-5196.