Bureau of Field Operations

The Division of Field Operations is more commonly known or referred to as Uniformed Patrol. Personnel assigned to field operations are the officers that are seen patrolling the streets and businesses in Ferguson and are responsible for answering the more than 25,000 annual calls for police service. This includes everything from noise complaints, to traffic accidents, to serious felony crimes involving weapons. 

Field Operations Staff & Duties

The 32 field operations officers are divided into two platoons with two squads of eight officers per platoon. Each platoon is commanded by a lieutenant and each squad is supervised by a sergeant. Officers are on patrol 24 hours per day seven days per week. Each squad has a canine team and each squad will have officers with differing certifications.

Some are firearms instructors who are responsible to see that each squad member is qualified with their firearm. Field training officers are responsible for training new officers when they are hired.