Long-Range Planning

Vision 2015 Plan
The Vision 2015 Plan, written and updated in the late 1990s, provides the City of Ferguson with a master plan that outlines the projected municipal service needs for a variety of city efforts. It also establishes long-range goals and expectations for municipal efforts.

The Vision 2015 Plan serves as the comprehensive land use plan for the city, outlining existing zoning and land uses, contrasted against the long-range development goals of the city. The plan, formally adopted by past City Councils, provides an important road map for general city services and is amended from time to time based on changing needs.

Downtown Strategic Development Plan
The Downtown Strategic Development Plan provides a guide for the revitalization of downtown. It is the result of an extensive process designed to elicit the opinions from a variety of stakeholders with interest in the future of downtown Ferguson. With the adoption of the Downtown Strategic Development Plan, the city will take a significant step in advancing the economic vitality of downtown Ferguson by prescribing the actions needed to attain its full potential.

Park Master Plan
In 2005, the City of Ferguson initiated a master planning process to serve as a broad-based strategic planning tool for the entire department that will guide the future of the City of Ferguson park facilities and recreation programs over the next 5 to 10 years. View the Park Master Plan.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan
The Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan builds upon Ferguson’s history as a regionally-connected suburb whose core neighborhoods and commercial districts developed around the railroad and streetcar. The plan focuses on improving existing pedestrian- and bicycle-oriented commercial districts and neighborhoods, supporting the creation of new walk-able developments, and connecting surrounding neighborhoods to Ferguson’s historic core through new pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. Through the integration of public health and urban design, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan provides viable transportation options for all residents.

West Florissant Avenue Corridor Plan
In the spring of 2010, elected officials and staff for the City of Ferguson and four other municipalities that share the West Florissant Avenue corridor recognized the need for the revitalization of the area, in order to significantly improve the quality of life of the individuals who utilize the corridor and to transform the corridor into a major asset to the region as a whole.  View the West Florissant Avenue Corridor Plan.