Equity Assurance Program

The Ferguson Neighborhood Improvement Program (FNIP) created the Equity Assurance Program to guarantee housing values in the City of Ferguson. The program assures that a member's property value will not fall below the value established at the time it is registered with the program.

To benefit from the program one must remain at the residence for at least five years, must keep the property well maintained, and the member or a family member must continually occupy the property as principal residence.

To guarantee your home's value, call or visit the FNIP Office at 110 Church Street and pick up an application. Complete the application and return it with the registration fee. FNIP staff will order an appraisal on your property to determine its current market value. FNIP uses only certified, designated and state licensed appraisers that are familiar with the property values in Ferguson.

For more information please contact the FNIP office at 314-524-5158.