Ferguson Consent Decree

The United States of America and the City of Ferguson (collectively, “the Parties”) enter into this Consent Decree (“Agreement”) with the shared recognition that the ability of a police department to protect the community it serves is only as strong as the relationship it has with that community.  The provisions of this Agreement are meant to ensure protection of the constitutional and other legal rights of all members of the community, improve Ferguson’s ability to effectively prevent crime, enhance both officer and public safety, and increase public confidence in the Ferguson Police Department (FPD). 


The Consent Decree is comprehensive in nature and details specific areas for corrective action including: use of force; stops, searches, seizures and arrests; bias-free policing; community policing and engagement; reform of the Ferguson Municipal code; first amendment protected activity; recruitment; training; performance evaluations; promotions; crisis intervention; body-worn and in-car cameras; officer assistance and support; accountability; supervision; and misconduct-complaint intake, investigation and adjudication.

The Consent Decree represents a proactive and robust mandate for reform of the policies, training, and practices of the FPD with specific agreed-upon corrective actions and timeframes for implementation. What follows is a summary of the key provisions. To view the entire court document please see the  Amended and Restated Consent Decree .

Summary of Provisions