Q & A

Q: What do I bring to my Court date?
A: Proper identification
Copy of the citation
Copy of bond paperwork if a bond was posted
Any documents that provide compliance (insurance, proof of license reinstatement) 
Q: How can I pay a fine?
A: Payments can be made in person at the Municipal Court Building located at 222 S Florissant Rd. Ferguson, Mo. 63135, by mail, by phone by calling 1-800-444-1187 or on-line at Trafficpayment.com. If you are mailing in your payment please mail a money order. Types of payments accepted are- cash, credit cards, cashiers checks and money orders. NO PERSONAL CHECKS.
Q: What should I expect at a Court appearance?
A: The goal of the Ferguson Municipal Court is to assist you in resolving your cases. You will always have the option to set up a payment arrangement if you are assessed fines. You will not be arrested for failing to pay a fine, however, a warrant could be issued for your arrest if you fail to appear in court on your scheduled court date.
Q: What If I cannot make my Court Date?
A: If you miss your first Court date the judge will automatically send you a letter with a new court date continuing the case. No warrant will be issued. 
If it is not your first court date and you are unable to appear, you can send someone in your place to request a continuance.  
If you cannot make your court date due to medical reasons, you must provide the Court written information from your doctor.

​Q: How can I set up payment arrangements?
​A:  You can set up monthly payments arrangements at your Court date after you have plead before the Judge.  Payments are always due on the first Friday of each month.  If you are unable to make your payment by the due date you will need to appear in Court the following Monday at 6 PM to speak to the Judge about a continuance.  A warrant will not be issued for failing to pay your fine, however, a warrant could be issued if you fail to appear in Court on your scheduled court date.