Hudson Park


1271 Hudson Rd.
Ferguson, MO 63135


30 Acres


  • Disc Golf Course
  • Picnic pavilions (2)
  • Archery range
  • Restrooms
  • Horseshoe pit
  • Multiuse trail

Hudson Park Disc Golf Course

In partnership with the Ferguson Parks and Recreation Department, the Friends of Ferguson Disc Golf created the Hudson Park Disc Golf Course to be fun and challenging for all player levels.

Protect the Course

This course has been designed using the natural beauty of the park. Help us keep it this way. Ensure that any trash you carry in goes into designated cans or carry it out with you (including cigarette butts). There are trash receptacles at various spots through the park. If you bring a pet with you, clean up it’s waste afterwards.

Please be respectful to trees and other surroundings. Unauthorized removal of tree limbs and other vegetation is prohibited by the Park and Recreation Dept.

This is not just a disc golf course. The park has two pavilions and a path running through it. Please be respectful of others who may be utilizing the space. Please act responsibly while on the premise. Any vandalism or inappropriate use of the park should be reported to Ferguson Parks and Recreation Dept. (314) 521-4661. Any illegal activities should be directed to the Ferguson Police Dept. (314) 522-3100.

Want to try out Disc Golf, but don't have a disc?

Stop by the Ferguson Community Center (1050 Smith Ave.) with a photo ID, and you can check out a loaner disc to take to the course and give disc golf a try!

Golf Etiquette

In addition of keeping the course clean, a few other rules will help you and others enjoy the disc golf experience here at Hudson. After everyone has thrown from the tee, it is best to let the farthest from the basket throw first. This is for safety. Also, be mindful when playing in small or large groups to let a single player or smaller group “play through” if they are playing faster.

More Info

Not sure where to begin playing disc golf? Want to join us in expanding the disc golf experience here in Ferguson? Contact Friends of Ferguson Disc Golf at or find them on Facebook.