2020 Census: Ferguson Counts! 

Help bring dollars back to our community by encouraging others to participate and getting the facts out about the 2020 Census.

Impact on Ferguson

Low participation in the 2020 Census could have substantial negative consequences for Ferguson. If Ferguson is under-counted by just 5% in this Census, the City will lose $300,000 each year or $3 million over the course of the next ten years, which will result in an inability to provide critical public services that the City currently provides. 

As a result of the 2010 Census, the State of Missouri lost a congressional seat and hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding. For every adult or child that is not counted in the census, Missouri will lose an estimated $1,300 in federal dollars every year – additionally The City of Ferguson will lose nearly $300 for every adult or child that is not counted. Households most at risk of being under-counted include those who are low income, renters, people of color, young children, and immigrants.

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Responding to the Census

The U.S. Census Bureau will mail instructions to every household in early March 2020. Everyone will be able to respond online at 2020Census.gov or by phone. Some households will receive a paper questionnaire with census questions. This is because they may have limited internet access or older adults living in the home. The census will be available online and by phone in 13 languages, including Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Arabic. The paper version for mailing will be available in English and Spanish. The City of Ferguson will have kiosks established in multiple locations around the city for those who do not have access to internet – If you are interested in learning more about the census and how to get involved, please contact us at (314) 521-7721. 

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Become a Census Ambassador

Getting everyone counted will take all of us. The City is involved with many organizations, community groups, and various citizens around the North County Area. We need more volunteers for events, Census Kiosks, and much more. As stated above, millions of dollars are at stake for our community! In order to continue to improve our community, we will need everyone to help. Please contact the City of Ferguson for more details:  314-521-7721

Ambassador Training Dates

Volunteer Sign-up: Let us know you are interested in helping us make sure Ferguson Counts!

City of Ferguson Outreach & Count Action Plan

The City has limited resources and ability to increase participation in the 2020 Census Count. However, we will be establishing Census Taking Kiosks in various locations throughout the City from March 12 - April 30. A map of these Census Taking Kiosks will be add below on Monday, March 9! Furthermore, the City will be working with various community partners to utilized Mobile Census Taking Kiosks to allow us to bring a computer with internet access to your street. Information on dates/times and locations for this will be updated here when available.

Ferguson Counts