Proposed Redistricting

Final Redistricting

The redistricting map has been adopted by the City Council.  You can view the new ward map by clicking the link below.  

New Ward Map

Redistricting Commission

Every ten  (10) years following the Census a Redistricting Commission is appointed which consists of one (1) registered voter from each ward.  The purpose of the Commission is to review census data to determine if inequality exists in the number of residents that reside within the three (3) municipal wards.  In such a case the Commission recommends changes to the impacted ward boundaries to create an equal (as possible) number of residents per ward.  The following citizens were appointed to the Commission: Tim Larson, Chair / Elzora Douglas, Secretary / Mike Salant

Full Code Regarding Redistricting

Commission Proposed Changes

After a review of the data, it was determined that inequality does exist and Commission deliberation resulted in the proposal listed below.  

Commission Presentation to Council

Current Population of Each Ward  ↔ Proposed Population of Each Ward

                                    Ward 1 - 6,864 ↔ Ward 1 - 6,178

                                    Ward 2 - 6,135 ↔ Ward 2 - 6,175

                                    Ward 3 - 5,528 ↔ Ward 3 - 6,174

Current Ward Map

Ward Map with Proposed Changes

Public Hearing

Pursuant to the Ferguson Municipal Code, the City Council has scheduled a public hearing at Ferguson City Hall (Council Chambers) located at 110 Church Street on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, at 7:00 pm; virtual access will also be available.  At said hearing, ward maps will be displayed and citizens will have an opportunity to voice their concerns, offer additional suggestions, and provide additional feedback.  If you are unable to attend, you may also submit your comments via email to  The deadline to email your comments to be considered at the hearing is Thursday, September 15th at 5:00 pm.  Comments received via email after the deadline are not guaranteed to be considered.