Mission Statement

Our Mission is to do our part in creating a thriving community where residents, businesses and visitors feel safe, welcomed and appreciated for their contribution to this community. We will be intentional in building strong community relationships and partnerships through professionalism, honorable service and integrity. We will be committed to removing the criminal element through community engagement, strong leadership, relentless investigation, intelligent enforcement and intense follow-through.

Community Policing

The Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) is a two-way communications between the police department and the community it serves. At the heart of the COPS philosophy is the thought that neighbors, working with police, could solve many neighborhood problems, before they lead to criminal problems. The Neighborhood Watch is an important part of this program.

Further Information

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Policy Center

The Ferguson Police Department is reviewing and revising many of its general orders for compliance with the Consent Decree and the Constitution.  The following policy and appendix was drafted taking into account feedback provided during a series of community forums previously held.  FPD and the Department of Justice welcome additional community feedback on the draft policies posted below prior to finalization and delivery of training to officers on this policy.  Please provide feedback on this policy by February 20, 2023.  Feedback can be sent to Community.Ferguson@crt.usdoj.gov.  

The Parties welcome feedback after this date, which will be considered on an ongoing basis and during the required review of policies that will occur one year after they are implemented.  

Provide feedback on the policies and appendix 

Feedback received will be considered in finalizing these policies prior to them going into effect.

The Parties will consider all comments on an ongoing basis and during the required review of policies that will occur one year after they are implemented.  The Parties will post additional policies for officer and public comment on a rolling basis in the coming weeks and months. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Policies awaiting review, please click this link

In lieu of the current conditions the review period has been extended to 45 days from the date posted.   This will give community members addition time to provide their input.