Services & Programs

Our Goal

The Ferguson Police Department is dedicated to improving the quality of life and promoting the well being of the citizens of the City of Ferguson. This goal is accomplished by working together with our citizens to facilitate effective and lasting solutions. The most important way we can work with citizens is through our services and programs. The Ferguson Police Department offers a number of services and programs to the community to better educate, communicate, and protect the citizens of this city. We sincerely hope you will take advantage of all of the programs that we offer.

Ferguson Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program (CFMH) was started in 1992 by Officer Timothy Zehring of the Mesa, Arizona Police Department. Since its inception, the program has spread to nearly 2,000 cities in 44 American states and many other countries. The program was designed to help tenants, owners, and managers of rental property keep drugs and other illegal activity off their property. The program is honest and direct and is solutions oriented. Best of all, it is easy while being very effective in reducing the incidents of crime in rental property.

Program Overview 

The CFMH Program utilizes a three-phase approach which ensures crime prevention which is very tenant friendly. When each phase is completed, a certificate of completion is issued. Upon completion of all three phases, a property is issued a gold certificate and the rights to use the program logo in all of their advertisements.

  • Phase I - An eight-hour advanced management techniques seminar taught by law enforcement, management experts, and legal counsel
  • Phase II - A Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Survey to verify that the property meets program minimum safety standards
  • Phase III - An annual residential crime prevention meeting, called a safety social, will be planned and promoted by property staff

Program Benefits

Fully certified CFMH properties can enjoy:

  • A stable, more satisfied tenant base
  • Increased demand for rental units with a reputation for active management
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Increased property values
  • Improved personal safety for tenants, landlords, and managers
  • Reduced calls for services by law enforcement staff

For More information on the Ferguson Crime Free Multi-Housing Program please contact  314-522-3100.


  Neighborhood Watch

Ferguson On Watch is a program of the Ferguson Police Department that allows citizens, in cooperation with the Ferguson Police Department, to directly participate in the detection and prevention of crime in their own neighborhoods. For more information on Ferguson On Watch and citizen involvement, visit the Citizen Involvement page or contact the Police Department 314-522-3100.


    D.A.R.E Van & Sponsors

The Ferguson Police Department is very proud of our D.A.R.E van because it came from contributions from the community. Sponsors included:

  • Color Match
  • Loreno's Autobody
  • Edward's Carpet
  • Andy Wurm Tires
  • National Tire and Battery
  • Mr. Z's Fundraising
  • Hewkin Autobody
  • Greybeard's Custom Photography
  • Tocco's Custom House
  • R-J Equipment
  • St.Pius K of C Auxilliary 4061 B.
  • Auto Salvage
  • Walmart
  • Grey's Total Appearance Center
  • Piros Signs
  • Anderson Roofing
  • Carson Natural Bridge Auto
  • Trophy World
  • Sikens Akzo Nobel
  • Meineke Muffler

School Resource Officer

The school resource officer's (SRO) duties vary widely from one location to another. An SRO is always first and foremost a law enforcement officer. The SROs may also provide counseling or advising. Although most do not carry a degree in psychology, they assist and augment school counselors in handling situations that they are uniquely qualified (in the schools) to handle.

SROs also provide law-related education since they have experience and training in matters related to law enforcement. They are proud to present this information to the staff, student, and parents.

Community Emergency Response Team

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a national program that trains participants to prepare for emergencies and natural disasters such as:

  • Earthquakes
  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes

The Ferguson Police Department established a CERT training program in 2003 and since then residents from throughout Ferguson and surrounding communities have used their training in a variety of ways.

Getting Involved

CERT membership is free and consists of 20 hours of training. Upon completion of the program participants are awarded a certificate, an emergency preparedness kit, and opportunities for continued training through CERT. Interested persons should contact the Fire Police Department at 314-522-1122. You do not have to be a Ferguson resident to participate in CERT training.

CERT is funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Citizen Corps. You can also visit the Citizen Corps website for more information about the national program. 

Community Oriented Policing Services

The Community Oriented Policing Services (C.O.P.S.) program is a new outlook on police work. This philosophy is based on a foundation of two-way communications between the police department and the community it serves. At the heart of the C.O.P.S. philosophy is the thought that neighbors, working with police, could solve many neighborhood problems, before they lead to criminal problems. The Neighborhood Watch is an important part of this program.

Patrol Officers

Each patrol sector in the City of Ferguson has several officers that are responsible for coordinating the C.O.P.S activities in that area. These officers are the contact points between the citizens in their sector and the Police Department.

Special activities and watch meetings are scheduled by the block captains and are coordinated by the police community relations officer. This officer is responsible for scheduling watch meetings and special events throughout the city. He reports all C.O.P.S. activities and meetings to the commander of the bureau of administration.

C.O.P.S. Support

The following is a list of officers or programs that directly support the C.O.P.S. philosophy. Speakers from any of these groups can, on request, attend neighborhood meetings or speaking engagements in your area:

  • Canine Officer
  • D.A.R.E Officer
  • Police - Community Relations Officer
  • School Resource Officer
  • Uniform Bike Patrol


The goal of the VIPS Program is to enhance the capacity of state and local law enforcement to utilize volunteers. The VIPS Program is managed by the International Association of Chiefs of Police with financial support from the Bureau of Justice Assistance and private donations. The sergeant of communication (dispatch) is charged with the overall functions of this all-volunteer force. All VIPS have gone through the Citizen’s Police Academy and assist the Ferguson Police Department with activities.

Community Relations

The community relations officer assists community groups and businesses in Ferguson by being available for public speaking engagements. He is also available to conduct a security analysis of your home. 

Guided Tours

The Ferguson Police Department offers guided tours of our police station on a regular basis. Most often these tours are held for scouting, school, or church groups. Tours typically last approximately one hour and can be altered to the needs of the group. When scheduling a police station tour, please allow two weeks lead time.