When snow is forecasted, what should I do?

When snow is forecast there are a few simple things you can do to assist during and immediately after a snow:

  • Don’t park on the street. Utilize the full length of your driveway for all household vehicles. This will allow the large plow trucks to pass safely and clear your entire street.
  • Please observe all posted snow route signs. Check your street for No Parking During Snows signs. If you elect to park your vehicle on the street, you will be reported, ticketed, and possibly towed.
  • If it is necessary to park on the street do not park across from another vehicle. In many cases the snow plow trucks cannot pass and will have to back down the street and leave. We will not return until all vehicles have been moved. Your street can not be plowed in this circumstance.
  • Do not pull out in front of a snow plow or try to pass a snow plow. Keep your distance from any plow truck for safety purposes.

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