Starting & Locating a Business

Finding Space For Your Business

The City maintains a list of available commercial property for sale and lease.  This list is periodically updated.  To view the list follow this link.

Developing a Business Plan

Any new or expanding business should develop a business plan to guide them. There are several agencies that can provide assistance either free or at a nominal cost. This help, along with developing marketing plans, assistance in locating trade associations, etc., is available through the city's Department of Planning and Development office.

Financing & Funding Options

Financing is one of the most critical and often the most frustrating part of starting a business. While state and county programs are available primarily for industrial businesses, there are other funding sources that can provide assistance to the small retail / service business.

The first place to start is with your local banker. Many times the existing relationship you have with your bank is all you need to secure the financing you require. Other than conventional financing, your bank can assist with programs such as SBA loans and loan guarantees. Often, though, there is a gap between your equity and the amount you require. There are also programs available that can provide this gap financing such as the RMI (Rural Missouri Inc.) Microloan Program, Justine Petersen Housing, and the Reinvestment Corporation Microlending Program.

Development Procedures

Under the City's Zoning Code, some projects may require review by the City's Plan Commission. If your project meets one of these requirements, the City's Zoning Administrator can guide you through the development procedures.

City Inspections & Occupancy Permit

Before you can occupy your business space, the City requires that a commercial exterior inspection be completed. To inquire about scheduling an inspection you can call the Inspection Department at (314) 521-7721. The space must pass inspection in order to obtain an occupancy permit.

Business License

A Business License is required before you can operate most businesses in Ferguson. To obtain your Business License you will need to bring your approved Commercial Occupancy Permit and your Missouri Business Sales Tax I.D. number, along with the Business License Application to City Hall. The City Collector will then issue a Business License. The Collector can be reached at (314) 524-5254.

Opening a Business in Ferguson

Now that you have a business plan and financing, the next step is to get started in opening your business. The good news is that we have made the process simple and, even better, it doesn't take very long. Follow the steps set forth in the chart below.

Download a PDF version of the chart here.

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