Zoning Administration

What is Zoning?

Zoning is a technique of land-use planning as a tool of urban planning used by local governments in most developed countries. Areas of land are divided by governmental entities into zones – within each zone are various permitted uses. All properties must follow the zoning code of the municipality in which they are located. 

Click "Zoning Ordinance" in the Quick Links for the full municipal zoning code for the City of Ferguson. Below are additional zoning codes and the zoning map of the City of Ferguson.  

Additional Zoning Codes

  1. Downtown Form-Based Code
  2. West Florissant Avenue

The Downtown From-Based Code was established to provide development standards to the City for downtown and adjacent redevelopment areas. 

  1. To guide the development of a mix of uses and a pedestrian-oriented environment established in the Downtown Strategic Development Plan.
  2. To provide for a mix of housing types within downtown and adjacent areas for people of all ages and lifestyles,
  3. To achieve development that is appropriate in scale and intensity for downtown and adjacent neighborhoods.

Zoning Map

Zoning Map with FBC