Graduation Gift Program

Graduation Gift Program Application
Sponsored by the Ferguson Neighborhood Improvement Program (FNIP) and UMB Bank, the Graduation Gift program is a $2,500 award that applies toward the purchase of a home in Ferguson, Missouri.

Graduation Gift Program Rules
  1. Eligible applicants are those who graduated in the last two years with a bachelor, master, or doctoral level degree.
  2. Qualified applicants must be prequalified for home purchase, and must be already working with a realtor, and/or have a home under contract. Applicants that have already closed on a home are not eligible.
  3. The gift is a $2,500 grant that can be applied by the recipients toward the purchase of a home within the city limits of Ferguson. It can be used as part of the down payment, closing costs, or for rehabilitation and repairs to the property.
  4. The gift is structured as a forgivable loan with a term of three years. The recipient will not have to pay back the gift as long as he/she remains in the home as his/her principal residence for three years from the date of closing. The grant will be prorated over the three-year term of the note.

    For example, if a recipient sells or moves out of the house in order to rent it out after two years, he/she will refund one-third of the gift at the time the house is sold or rented out. The recipients will sign a note and deed of trust indicating the terms of the gift. The note and deed of trust will be recorded.
  5. The recipients will have six months from notification to spend or at least encumber the funds. The FNIP Director may extend the six-month deadline to use the funds if it is determined that the recipient is making sufficient progress toward purchasing a home.
  6. The recipients agree that their names may be used for the purpose of publicizing the Graduation Gift Program.

To apply, please print an application and mail to:
City of Ferguson
110 Church St.
Ferguson, MO 63135