Splash Policies

Closing Policy

The Splash will not open for the day if the air temperature is below 75 degrees at 11 a.m. and the forecast high for the day is 80 degrees or less. The complex will also close during periods of severe rain and/or lightning. In addition, the Splash may close if there are less than 25 swimmers after 3:00 p.m., with rain checks issued only if closed before 5 p.m. For pool closures due to rain or cold weather, please call 314-521-1313.

Photo Identification

All individuals four and older wishing to purchase memberships, or use the Splash this summer at the resident rate must have a Ferguson Resident ID card.  Resident ID cards can be purchased at the Community Center for $2.  Residents must have two pieces of current identification with their name and Ferguson address to obtain their ID card. 


For the safety of our patrons and in accordance with St. Louis County guidelines we do require all individuals entering our facility to wear proper swim attire.  Swim trunks with a liner are required for all male patrons; no basketball shorts or street clothes will be allowed to be worn in the pool.  Proper swimsuits with a liner are required for all female patrons, no sports bras, leotards, or street clothes will be allowed in the pool.  For those patrons needing extra protection from the sun tech style shirts, such as nylon or spandex, or any synthetic blend material containing no cotton will be allowed.  No cotton based or blend materials can be allowed in the pool at all. Anyone wearing derogatory or inappropriate clothing will not be admitted entry into facility.

Pool Rules & Regulations

The pool rules and regulations are posted at the entrance to the facility as well as the entrance to the Splash Restrooms. Please take the time to read the posted rules and regulations as you will be expected to follow all rules and regulations while enjoying the Splash. The Splash staff have the right to eject anyone from the facility without compensation or refuse entry to anyone not in compliance with pool rules or found to be causing a nuisance or endangering the safety of others.