Bureau of Investigation

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation consists of six full-time commissioned investigators and one narcotics detective. The narcotics detective, while assigned to the Bureau of Investigation, is detached to the St. Louis County Drug Task Force. 

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation is responsible for the following activities:

  • Conducting follow-up investigations on active crimes reported to the department
  • Juvenile follow-up investigations, referring juvenile apprehensions to juvenile court, or disposing of them logically
  • Collect, process, and record criminal intelligence information related to organized crime, vice, narcotics activity, and other criminal activities; conduct undercover investigations and support undercover operatives
  • Develop, maintain contact with, and appropriately record information from informants
  • Maintain and care for all specialized and technical criminal investigative equipment
  • Maintain liaison with the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, and other law enforcement agencies for the purpose of coordinating activities and exchanging of information
  1. Property & Evidence
  2. Jail & Bonds

Property & Evidence

The Police Department has strict policies and guidelines which dictate the procedure for handling property from the time it is collected by an officer, to the final disposition of the property.

The police department’s policy on evidence and property clearly defines that the department strive to maintain property in the same condition as received and to preserve the evidentiary integrity of property which has been received for possible court presentation. Unless property is contraband or must be presented into court, every reasonable effort will be made to ensure its return to its owner.