Long-Range Planning

What is Long-Range Planning?

Long-range planning is the process of working with stakeholders in the community to assess how well existing policies, regulations, and City programs are working to meet their goals, maximize opportunities, and address concerns. 

Comprehensive planning is a specific long-range plan that presents a holistic vision for the future, with long-range goals and objectives, and an implementation framework to achieve success. The resulting comprehensive plan serves as a blueprint for future government action, guiding public policies on land use, housing, open space, and more.

Comprehensive Plan: OurFerguson 2040

The adopted OurFerguson2040 Comprehensive Plan is available for download at the link.

This plan is the product of countless conversations with the Ferguson community and its partners, including the Plan Commission, City Council, neighborhood leaders, small business owners, regional government agencies, property owners, nonprofit organizations, and other community leaders and residents. This document offers a vision for what Ferguson aspires to be, and will serve as a long-range policy guide for decision making about investments in services, infrastructure, staff, and programs. It is also a tool to guide collaboration by the City’s partners, highlighting where their investment and participation is needed.

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