Rights and Responsibilities

In The Circuit Court of St. Louis County Missouri
Municipal Division of The City of Ferguson

You Have The Following Rights


  • To understand the nature of the charge against you
  • To be aware of the minimum and mandatory penalty
  • To be represented by an attorney
  • If you cannot afford an attorney, and the city is seeking to put you in jail, the court will provide an attorney to represent you.

If you plead not guilty you will have the right:

  • To a trial by a judge or jury
  • To present witnesses on your behalf
  • To confront and cross examine witnesses against you
  • To testify if you desire, but you cannot be compelled to testify
  • If you do not understand these rights you may have them explained to you by the judge

If there is a fine you have the right: 

  • To make periodic payments in an amount you can afford
  • To present evidence of your financial condition if you cannot afford to make payments
  • To request community service as an alternative

Your Have The Following Responsibilities 

  • To appear in court and make payments when required
  • To inform the court of address changes when a case is active