Tree Dedication

Program Objectives

  • To raise funds to plant additional needed trees in Ferguson parks, replacing trees lost due to damage, disease, or age.
  • To give residents an opportunity to honor a person, or a special event by way of a living tree memorial.
  • To generate community awareness of the need to replace trees, an objective of the National Arbor Day Foundation’s Tree City USA program, which the city has been named each year since 1989.
  • To develop greater concern for the general well being of the parks.


In 1988, the Missouri Department of Conservation completed a Community Forestry Plan for all of the Ferguson parks. The plan identified the location and condition of existing trees and made recommendations as to future locations for trees.

The Tree Dedication Program began in 1991 and has provided over 200 trees to Ferguson parks to help meet the recommendations of the Conservation Department Plan. Persons requesting a tree dedication may select a park and tree species from the preferred tree list on the other side.


A $200 tax deductible contribution to the program entitles the donor a planted tree with a plaque at the base and a framed certificate. The contribution and registration for the program are accepted at the Recreation office, 1050 Smith Ave.

At the time of the registration the donor requests the preferred tree species and location, along with the honoree’s name for the tree plaque certificate. The city will work with the donor to meet the requested species and location. Program donations are deposited in a separate enterprise account used only to purchase the trees and program supplies.


A spring and fall dedication ceremony are held to dedicate the trees. The spring ceremony is our Arbor Day celebration (typically the first Saturday in April) and the fall date is typically the fourth Saturday in October, dates subject to change, we will contact ASAP with any changes. Dedications will be accepted up to one month prior to the ceremony date. The appropriate number of trees will be purchased and planted, and the tree plaque will be installed prior to each dedication ceremony.

At the dedication ceremony the donor will receive a framed certificate acknowledging the donation and naming the person or event for which the tree is dedicated. The city will guarantee the tree and plaque for two years.

To dedicate a tree fill out the Tree Dedication Form and submit to the Ferguson Parks and Recreation Department