Property Restoration Program

Program Overview

The Ferguson Property Restoration Program provides an opportunity for qualified developers and individuals to rehabilitate certain property owned by the City or on the St. Louis County Post-third Tax Sale list (within the city limits of the City of Ferguson, Missouri). 

The program was developed with the following goals in mind:

1) return vacant properties to productive use; 
2) improve the quality of residential and commercial properties; 
3) increase the percentage of homeowners;
4) increase affordable housing stock.

Program Guidelines

Please review the Program Guidelines in full before inquiring with our office regarding the details of this program.

Program Process

Program Process Overview

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  1. RFP
  2. Application
  3. Development Process

Request for Proposals

The City of Ferguson requests proposals (RFP) for redevelopment of City Owned and Post-third Properties on an annual basis. There are two RFPs: one for properties with structures and one for vacant parcels. The properties with structures have a deadline to give opportunities for redevelopment before the City adds these properties to the "potential demolition" list. 

View RFP for vacant parcels (2022)

View the RFP for Properties with Structures (2022)

Available Properties