Neighborhood Watch Program

As part of the Neighborhood Watch, Ferguson residents are trained to protect their property and themselves by:

  1. Securing their homes from unlawful entry
  2. Identifying their personal property through marking, photographing, and preparing property inventories
  3. Maintaining a watch group in their neighborhoods to report suspicious activity to their local police department

The security of the City of Ferguson and its citizens depends upon the people themselves. No police department can effectively protect life and property without the support and cooperation of the citizens it serves.

  1. Become a Member
  2. Organize a Watch
  3. Block Captain

Importance of Being a Member

Every citizen should be a Neighborhood Watch Member, a concerned citizen who observes his or her neighborhood and reports criminal activity to the Ferguson Police Department. Neighborhood Watch members do not take the place of the police department in enforcing the law or apprehending criminals. The need for neighbors to look out for each other is the basis of Neighborhood Watch. The program will enable residents to act as the eyes and ears of the police department.