Special Events

 A Special Event is a one time, annual or intermittently occurring event that takes place in or on a City of Ferguson owned park, property, facility, or street where the space is reserved for the exclusive use of the Special Event. A Special Event Use Permit is required when any of the following conditions take place on City property:

  1. Use of a Park/Street/Public Area that obstructs the use by others;
  2. The event is advertised and open to public attendance;
  3. Musical instruments are played or sound equipment is used;
  4. Alcoholic beverages are sold;
  5. Portable restrooms are utilized on a temporary basis;
  6. Vendors offer food, beverages or merchandise for sale or for free;
  7. Tents, canopies or stages are erected;
  8. The event requires, or is reasonably likely to require, city services additional to those already provided to the public as a matter of course; or
  9. Any other event that is determined in the sole discretion of the Director of Parks and Recreation to require a Special Event Use Permit

Application Process

  1. Applications should include all relevant information and attachments when submitted. 
  2. Applications should be turned in at least NINETY (90) calendar days prior to the date the event is scheduled. 
  3. Applications are reviewed by all City Departments and special permit fees are calculated based on impact to city facilities, city staff, and city services needed. (See Page 6 of application)

The Special Event Application can be found HERE