What should I expect at a court appearance?

The goal of the Ferguson Municipal Court is to assist you in resolving your cases.  However, neither the Judge nor the Court staff can give you any legal advice.  You will always have the option hire an attorney at any point of your case, but you are nor required to.  You may to represent yourself.  Additionally, you can set up a payment arrangement or other alternatives if fines are assessed.  Please refer to the Rights and Responsibilities section for more information.

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1. What do I bring to my court date?
2. Where can I pay a fine or traffic ticket?
3. How can I set up payment arrangements?
4. What if I am unable to make my payment by the due date?
5. What should I expect at a court appearance?
6. What if I cannot make my court date or need to request a continuance?
7. How can I request an ability to pay determination?
8. What is the potential consequence for missing a court date or payment?
9. What do I do if I need ADA or LEP accommodations?