How do I inspect a property I am interested in?

We encourage all applicants to do an exterior inspection (from public right of way) before applying. 

However, applicants who wish to enter any property for any purpose related to this program, must obtain (and provide a copy to the City) written permission from the listed owner on the Saint Louis County records. The City of Ferguson cannot grant access to any property until the quit-claim deeds and the redevelopment agreement are signed. 

To find the owner’s information, please visit the link below and search the property you are interested in (note the only contact information available to the County and City is the mailing address):

NOTE: There is no guarantee that you will be able to access the property before you acquire it through this program. You are acquiring property "as-is, where-is" through this program and you will be held to all standards set forth in the redevelopment agreement that is negotiated with the City. To access a property owned by the City of Ferguson, please contact the Planning & Development Office.

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1. How do I inspect a property I am interested in?
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