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Police Department Complaint Form

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  2. FPD | CRB Complaint Form
  3. If you have any questions, please call FPD at (314) 522-3100 and ask for the supervisor on duty or leave a message in the CRB voicemail box at (314) 521-7721 ext. 7053.
  4. Your Information (optional)
    The Ferguson Police Department and the Civilian Review Board respect your privacy and will not distribute your personal information (if you choose to provide it) except as necessary to resolve your complaint or as required by state law. You may omit personal information on this form if you wish to make an anonymous complaint. We encourage you to provide as much information as possible so that investigators can speak to relevant witnesses and gather evidence.
  5. Citizen-Police Mediation Program*
    FPD has a Citizen-Police mediation program to resolve certain types of complaints. Participation is completely voluntary. Would you consider mediation for this complaint?
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  7. Note: If more than 5 please provide names and contact information in the incident description.
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