Personal Training


Personal Training Sessions

Our personal training sessions are designed to help you meet your goals and encourage you along your journey to a lifetime of health and wellness. No matter your fitness level, we will work with you to create a specialized training program and meal plan tailored just for you. We will work one-on-one to help motivate you along the way to reaching your fitness goals. 

1 Session   $35/Members        $40/Non-Members
5 Sessions:   $150/Members     $175/Non-Members

Other Services:

Fitness Assessment

The fitness assessment is comprised of a series of exercises that will help to evaluate your overall health and physical status. For general health and fitness purposes, the assessment is considered the starting point for designing an appropriate exercise program.

Fee:     $30/Members    $35/Non-Members

Fitness 101

Spend some time with Will learning all about fitness. Get a tour of the fitness center and learn about all of the equipment including workout demonstrations and effective routines that you can do. Also learn safety tips, proper forms, and general guidance from a personal trainer. 

Fee:     $25/Members    $30/Non-Members

Group Classes

Check out all Will's group fitness classes here!

Stop by the Ferguson Community Center to learn more or call 314-521-5661