Park Bench Dedication

Program Objectives:

  • Dedicated benches will provide a long lasting amenity for individuals to enjoy the natural beauty of our parks, additionally they will:
  • Create a sense of community in a public area.
  • Facilitate outdoor activities.
  • Provide a place for tranquil, passive recreation.
  • Make any green space area usable to the public.
  • Allow people of all ages a place to rest during activity.
  • Help establish usable trails and walkway systems.
  • Give individuals an opportunity to honor a person, or a special event.


  • A $1,500 tax deductible contribution to the program entitles the donor a park bench with a commemorative plaque. (see spec sheet for more information on bench)
  • Specialty benches may be considered by special request and if appropriate for the park. Specialty benches will incur additional fees based on style and installation needs.
  • The contribution and registration for the program are accepted at the Recreation Office, 1050 Smith Ave Ferguson, MO 63135.
  • At the time of the registration the donor can request bench color and park location, along with the plaque message.
  • The Department will work with the donor to meet the requested color, message and location.
  • Requests for color and location are at the discretion of the Parks and Recreation Department and will ultimately be determined based on needs of the park.
  • Program donations are deposited in a separate enterprise account used only for the purchase of benches and installation needs.

Additional Information

  • Dedicated benches have a life expectancy of 10 years, though often last much longer.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department retains the right to relocate or remove amenity and/or plaque.
  • The Department will guarantee the plaque only within the set forth life expectancy of the dedicated bench.
  • General maintenance for the bench and surrounding park area will be provided by the Ferguson Public Works Department.
  • Donor is responsible for contacting the Parks and Recreation Department to report any unsatisfactory conditions related to dedicated bench.
  • If within life expectancy the dedicated bench is damaged due to vandalism or other unnatural cause the bench will be replaced.
  • In the case of natural damage or destruction that may occur (i.e. tree falling, tornado, etc.), the bench will be replaced within life expectancy if appropriate and funding allows.
  • All dedicated benches are the property of the City of Ferguson and can not be transferred, sequestered or granted to dedicator for any reason.

Please complete our Park Bench Dedication Form and return to the Ferguson Parks and Recreation Department.