Liquor Licenses

Alcoholic Beverages Code Chapter 4


".........No person shall sell or expose for sale in the city any intoxicating liquor or any nonintoxicating beer in any quantity without first obtaining a license therefor from the city." (Sec. 4-26)  

".........No license shall be issued unless the use and property for which the license is proposed meet all requirements of the Zoning Code, building codes and other ordinances.  In those zoning districts where an applicant’s business requires a special use permit, the applicant must first obtain the special use permit prior to receiving a license issued under this chapter.  No business, establishment or property for which a license has been issued under this chapter shall be conducted, operated or maintained in such a manner as to cause any nuisance whether private or public or any such a manner as to be detrimental to the public’s health, safety and welfare." (Sec. 4-28)

For questions specifically related to liquor licenses, processing, or approval, contact the Office of the City Clerk at 314-524-5152.  For questions regarding zoning, building codes, or special use permits, please contact the Department of Planning at 314-524-5257.

The City Clerk is responsible for all Liquor License applications submitted pursuant to Chapter 4 of the Municipal Code. Those wishing to apply for a liquor license must meet all applicable building and zoning regulations before submitting the liquor license application. Liquor licenses are approved by the City Council at their regularly scheduled meetings.  The term of a liquor license is up to one year; July 1 - June 30.  Applications may be made for renewal following the same guidelines stated here.  Renewal applications are typically due May 1, annually.  

Please note, all required documentation and payment of the required fee must be submitted with the application.  

  1. Required Documentation
  2. Qualifications
  3. License Categories/Fees

Required Documentation

Required Documentation includes, but may not be limited to the following: