Swim Lessons

The City of Ferguson has a long history of great learn-to-swim programs, and in 2009 the American Red Cross awarded the City of Ferguson with the Community Lifesaver Award due in large part to our dedication to teaching individuals how to swim. Join us in this history and take a class today.

Information on Fall swim lessons coming soon!

Group Lessons

Group lessons are offered for children ages six and up for beginning, intermediate, and advanced swimmers. The max class size is eight per instructor. There are 10 classes per session.
Advanced swimmers are those who can swim from one end of the pool to the other without assistance or use of a learning device. The focus of advanced lessons is stroke development and form.

Preschool Lessons

Preschoolers ages four and five are invited to this class which provides the child with an introduction to formal instruction with more one on one work than a group class setting for individualized instruction for rapid advancement.  The max class size is four per instructor. There are six classes per session during the summer and 10 classes per session during the fall, winter, and spring lessons.

Parents and Tots

A rewarding water experience for adults with young children. The program introduces infants and toddlers to the joys of water activity, and teaches parents and caregivers how to ensure safety at all times while in, on and around water. Infants begin when they can hold their head up independently, and stay with it until they are ready to move up to Preschool Lessons.  There are six classes per session (currently only offered during the summer, please call if interested).

Adult Lessons

It's never to late to learn how to swim or improve your skill level. This class is for adults who have never learned to swim or just need some refinement for better exercise. Adults of all abilities are invited to learn the enjoyment and benefits of swimming, one of the best exercises of all time. The maximum class size is 10 per instructor and there are 10 classes per session.Group Lessons—Ages 6 & up