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Electric Utility
Ameren Missouri
Phone: 314-342-1000
Link: Customer Service
Internet, Cable, & Telephone (AT&T)
Phone: 844-886-4258
Link: Customer Service
Internet, Cable, & Telephone (Spectrum)
Phone: 833-267-6094
Link: Customer Service
Natural Gas Utility
Spire Energy
Phone: 800-887-4173
Link: Customer Service
Sewer Utility
Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD)
Phone: 314-768-6260
Link: Customer Service
St. Louis Mediation Project
Ferguson, MO 63135
Phone: 314-833-0226

Your Housing Stability Plan 1. Identify issues between landlord/tenant 2. Attempt to resolve issues between landlord/tenant 3. identify regular income sources for tenant and rental affordability 4. Consider rental/utility assistance and financial counseling 5. Make financial plan to pay any amount owed 6. Stabilize housing arrangement (ex. reach agreement, extend lease, set move-out date)
St. Vincent de Paul
Ferguson, MO 63135
Link: Get Help
click on "Get Help, type in your address, and call the churches in your area
Trash and Solid Waste Collection
Republic Services
Phone: 636-947-5959
Link: Customer Service
Utility Assistance
Ferguson, MO 63135
City and County: Heat Up/Cool down at or 314-241-0001 County: CAASTLC at or 314-863-0015 City: Urban League at or 314-615-3632
Water Utility
Missouri American Water
Phone: 1-866-430-0820
Link: Customer Service
1 - 10 of 10 Listings