image of building plans behind text that reads "permits and licenses"

If you are interested in opening a new business or expanding upon an existing business within Ferguson, review the City’s process before proceeding.

Currently, payments are only accepted by phone or in-person for all permit and license fees at City Hall, 110 Church Street, Ferguson, MO (314-521-7721). 

If you have any questions about a permit/license application, please contact the office that is responsible for the permit/license you are interested in.  

Public Works
(314) 524-5191
     Building Permit
(see application for details)
     Commercial Occupancy Permit$100.00Application
     Dumpster Permit$40.00Application
     Electrical Permit$50.00minimum (see application for details)
     Fence Permit$40.00Application
     Mechanical Permit$50.00minimum (see application for details)
     Occupancy Inspection (Interior)$75.00(valid for 1 year - rental only)
     Occupancy Inspection (Exterior)$40.00(valid for 6 months)
     Plumbing Permit$50.00minimum (see application for details)
     Special Building Permit$80.00Application

(314) 521-5254
     Business License$45.00minimum (see application for details)
     Residential Property Rental License$50.00per property**
     Vending License$25.00per device
     Dog License$1 - $3per dog 

Planning & Development
(314) 524-5257
     Board of Adjustment Appeal (Variance)$50.00Application
     Boundary Adjustment Application$150.00Application
     Major Site Plan Review$150.00Application
     Rezoning Application$100.00acre of parcel(s)
     Sign Permit$40.00minimum (see application for details)
     Special Use Permit$250.00Application
     Subdivision Plat Application$150.00Application
     Vacant Building Registration
$200.00six-months of vacancy
     Vacant Building Registry Waiver$25.00Waiver application (2 inspections)

City Clerk
(314) 524-5152
     Liquor License
(see application for details)

*Fees within the table are not final. This table is provided as a courtesy and is to be used as reference only. These fees are determined by City Ordinances. Associated Permits and License will only be issued when the full payment due, as stated on the completed application, has been received by the City of Ferguson. See individual application documents for specific fee calculations.