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The original item was published from 2/27/2013 5:08:23 PM to 3/17/2013 12:05:01 AM.

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Posted on: February 27, 2013

[ARCHIVED] Construction Management Requests for Qualifications

The City of Ferguson is interested in hiring a professional firm to provide Construction Management and Owners Representative Services for two municipal construction and renovation projects.

Background and Information:
The City of Ferguson is interested in hiring a professional firm to provide Construction Management and Owners Representative Services for two municipal construction and renovation projects. The selected firm will work as part of the Owner’s team along with the Architect and City Engineer to design, bid and construct the building improvement projects. This notice was posted on the City’s website on 2/27/2013 and will be printed in the Countian Newspaper on 2/28/2013.
Description of the Projects:
This project consists of new construction and renovation of the existing Police Building and the extensive renovation and conversion of a former private school into the new Ferguson Community Center. Each project is estimated to cost $3.2 million respectively.
Scope of Services:
The City of Ferguson plans to utilize the services of a professional construction management / owners representative firm to coordinate between, and collaborate with, the City, its design teams, consultants, and contractor. The firm will provide a dedicated principal for the work, who shall be the primary point of contact between the City and its consultants and contractor. The firm shall have no authority to enter into any contracts or otherwise legally obligate the City, which shall retain all approval and signature authority for the expenditure of funds. The firm shall report to the City Manager or his designee.
This is a qualifications-based selection. The firm shall be a consultant and not an employee of the City and shall act as an extension and on behalf of the City as authorized in the contract document based on the following specific objectives.
Pre-construction Services
1. Design Team Oversight and Management
2. Participation in design review meetings with the Owner and A/E Consultant
3. Roles/Responsibilities Coordination (contracts)
4. Total Program Budget Management
5. Constructability/Engineering Peer Reviews
6. Value Engineering
7. Master Schedule Development & Management
8. Construction Schedule Development
9. IT/Data/Audio Visual/Phone/Security Coordination
10. Review and Proof Site Logistics Planning and Construction Phasing
11. Assistance with the Development of a Primary Construction Contract
Bidding Services
1. Local Statutes Compliance
3. State and Local Agency and Regulatory Review Coordination
4. Public Advertising/Bidding/Procurement Coordination
5. Conduct Pre-Bid Meeting
6. Bidder Interface/Question Management
7. Contractor Evaluations/Reviews
8. Owner/General Contractor Contract Review
9. Contract Negotiation Assistance
10. Firm to provide Ceremonial Shovels, Hard Hats, and Project Signage for Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Construction Services
1. Monthly Owner/Contractor/Architect Meeting Management
2. On-Site Inspection, Coordination, and Oversight of Contractor Work
3. Contractor(s), Owner, Architect, Engineer Interface
4. Establish and Maintain Quality Control and Quality Assurance Standards
5. Tracking construction costs and maintaining detailed construction cost records.
6. Review all requests for changes; challenge the cost of the contractors as necessary, and make recommendations to the City
7. Review, validate, and process for payment all pay request applications by contractors and material suppliers in accordance with the terms of the contract
8. Maintain job site records and make appropriate progress reports
9. Providing all record keeping and reporting as may be required by, various agencies, approval authorities, and the City
10. Weekly Productivity Logs and Weather Monitoring
11. Master Schedule Management
12. Establish and Maintain a Cost Control System and Conduct Meetings to Review Costs
13. Change Order Management
14. Claims Resolution (Vet and Verify Claims/Change Orders)
15. Safety Monitoring
16. Pay Application Management & Record Keeping
a. Prevailing Wage Compliance
b. OSHA10 Compliance
c. MO Excessive Unemployment Compliance
d. Illegal Alien Compliance (E- Verify)
e. Insurance Compliance
17. 3rd Party Testing Coordination
18. Furniture, Phone, Data Coordination
19. Punch List Coordination
20. System Training/Testing Coordination
21. Close-Out Process Management
22. Move-in Coordination
23. Ribbon Cutting Ceremony/Coordination
24. One (1) year warranty oversight
Qualification Proposal Content:
Responses to this RFQ should follow the format below. Responses should be specific and precise with adequate detail to accurately describe your qualifications and proposal. Limit your responses to the information requested by each section. Any additional information that you wish to submit should be included in a separate section marked "Supplemental Information.”
1. Firm background
a. Name of firm
b. State of incorporation and location of principal and branch offices
c. Length of time in business
d. Number of employees
e. Firm ownership
2. Construction management agency approach: Provide a brief narrative of your approach to the following:
a. Communication
b. Project estimating and cost control during design & construction
c. Mechanical and electrical cost management
d. Value engineering
e. Scheduling
f. Information management and control system
g. Your role in the preparation of the project manual and bidding documents
h. Bidding strategy and bid phase administration
i. Change order management/procedures/negotiations
j. On-site supervision
k. Final start-up, testing, occupancy and close-out
3. Experience in municipal new construction, renovations and/or additions to existing buildings of similar size and type. Experience in projects where you provided construction management services during pre-construction and construction and provided a full time superintendent on-site.
4. References for five municipal or not-for-profit public entities in the State of Missouri or the Metropolitan St. Louis area for which the firm’s services have been performed.
5. Project organizational chart and qualifications of in-house personnel who will be assigned to the project.
6. Describe your in house capability and approach to provide quality control, cost savings and modeling, and jobsite safety.
7. Describe your firm’s experience with sustainable construction, green practices and LEED Certified projects.
8. Discuss your company’s current financial condition and provide your latest financial balance sheet (one copy).
9. Acknowledgement of intent to make a good faith effort to comply with all applicable federal, state and local requirements.
10. Discuss why your firm is best qualified to provide professional services for this project.
Submission of Qualification Proposals:
Proposers shall submit twelve (12) copies of their qualifications in accordance with the instructions contained herein proposals no later than 3:00 PM, Thursday, March 14, 2013. The information to be submitted shall be organized as shown below, and will be limited to a maximum of 50 (fifty) 8 ½” x 11” numbered pages (or 25 such pages printed on both sides), exclusive of front and back covers, forwarding letter, table of contents, and experience information provided in response to Item #3. All information should pertain to the categories listed and have relevance to this program. Any questions concerning this RFQ shall be directed to:
Matthew Unrein, Director of Public Works
City of Ferguson
110 Church St.
Ferguson, MO 63135

Costs Incurred in Responding:
All costs directly and indirectly related to the preparation of a response to the RFQ shall be the sole responsibility of each firm. Firms should prepare their proposals simply and economically, providing a straightforward and concise description of the firm’s ability to meet the requirements of the RFQ.
Review procedure:
The process for review of the RFQ’s will be generally as follows:
1. The City of Ferguson reserves the right to reject any and all RFQ’s and to waive, or not waive, any or all technicalities based on its sole discretion.
2. The RFQ’s will be individually reviewed by members of a review committee with the following criteria in mind:
Evaluation Criteria

• Review of the firm's qualifications, and those of in-house personnel who will manage the project, including specialized experience and technical competence relative to the needs of the City;
• Demonstrated capacity and capability of the firm to perform work of comparable design, scope, and complexity, and particularly the work in question, including specialized services;
• References from clients for whom project management services have been performed, including a past record of performance of the firm with respect to costs control, quality of work and the ability to meet tight schedules;
• Demonstration of successful management systems that have been employed by the firm for purposes of estimating, scheduling, and controlling costs;
• Proposed timeline, including firm's commitment to make this project a priority;
• Innovation and demonstrated familiarity with green and sustainable building design; and
• Financial strength of the firm.

3. References will be contacted and results provided to the review committee for consideration along with the RFQ’s. After a review of the RFQ’s, the committee will recommend a relatively small group of firms to be interviewed by the review committee.
4. The small group of selected firms will be invited to give a brief oral presentation to the review committee. After hearing each presentation the review committee will decide on a top firm. The top ranked firm will be asked to develop a complete scope of services and fee proposal. Should either be unacceptable to the City, after negotiations, the City reserves the right to enter into negotiations with the next most qualified firm. Ferguson intends to award the contract to the best qualified firm, taking into consideration all the noted prerequisites and criteria, and assuming successful negotiation of a contract for project
Any questions regarding this RFQ should be addressed to Matthew Unrein, Director of Public Works through e-mail only, . Any questions answered during the proposal period, if said answer affects the essence of the proposal, will be incorporated in an addendum, which will be posted on the City’s website, . Firms are to acknowledge receipt of any addenda as part of their submissions.

Click Here for PDF Version of RFQ
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