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  1. Mayor Ella Jones

    Honorable Ella M. Jones

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It has been a year and I am still excited about serving the residents of Ferguson. With all of the community’s challenges, there is not a better community to live, work and play in. Below are highlights for my first year as Mayor.

Highlights for first six months
Highlights for second six months


“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.

Margaret J. Wheatley

Community Engagement is the most important part in the life of the community and the focal point.  Without community engagement we run the risk of not having stable neighborhoods, dehumanizing our neighbors and a steady flow of chaos.  Why is Community Engagement so import for the community?   Community engagement is what all of us can participate in and change.  Our neighborhood organizations are the catalyst for change.  They can spark citizens to attend meetings, visit with their neighbors, hold block parties and watch out for each other.  Several citizens are communicating with their councilmembers that they are willing, able, ready to meet and start their engagement process with their neighbors. There is enthusiasm, trust, transparency, collaboration, diversity and more energy among the neighbors. When neighbors apply these principles of community engagement, they are bound to have a great neighborhood.  Community engagement is the voice of the citizens.

We are in the post pandemic era in our country and so many people are beginning to move around their communities without mask and starting to embrace one another again.  The airports have removed their restrictions of wearing mask and the passengers are really taking advantage of that opportunity. Going grocery shopping, frequent visits to the restaurants and parks are beginning to become more open to the public.  

Zoom had become one of our major means for meetings.   It all happens when springtime is in the air.  Neighbors are clearing their yards from winter, children are riding their bikes, and the seniors are walking in the community.  Surprisingly, the Council has returned to in person meetings. It’s important to see the Council working in person an engaging each other. 

The City received encouraging remarks from Judge Perry during the Consent Decree hearing on May 11th.  She encouraged the City to continue to moving forward in our efforts to compliance and specified that Ferguson has to do the work of the Consent Decree.   Nicolle Barton, Consent Decree Coordinator has been creating new ideas to make certain that the police dept continue to interact with citizens young and mature.  This is a great time to continue Community Engagement.

“Alone, we can do little; together, we can do much.”

Helen Keller


Mayor Ella Jones