Development Procedures


For any project involving construction, contact the Public Works Department beforehand to find out about permits required, proper zoning, inspection procedures, etc. Once this is done, complete all the necessary applications for the proposed development and submit these, along with the appropriate fees to the Public Works Department.

Plan Commision Review

Additional information, i.e., sealed plans, legal descriptions, blueprints, etc., should also be provided. If your project requires a Plan Commission review, all information should be provided by the deadline for that month (approximately four (4) weeks prior to the Plan Commission meeting).

Staff will review the application and prepare a staff report for the Commission. A copy of this report, along with an agenda, will be sent to all applicants approximately one (1) week prior to the meeting.

Architectural Review Board & City Council Approval

In certain instances, the applicant will also need to meet with the Architectural Review Board. This review is regarding any exterior changes to the structure. You will be notified of this meeting.

Upon approval of the Commission, any rezoning, conditional use permits, special use permits, etc, are forwarded to the City Council for their approval.


Submit the improvement/construction site plans and record plats to the Public Works Department for review of the infrastructure improvements. Upon approval of the improvement/construction site plans and issuance of a building permit, construction may begin.

Periodic inspections will occur during construction, however occupancy of the structure cannot occur until a final inspection is made and a commercial occupancy permit is obtained. You can contact the Public Works Department at (314) 524-5191.