Planning & Development

Department Functions

The Planning and Development Department has four (4) essential functions: 

  1. Research and Develop Economic Activity Within the City
  2. Develop and Implement Community Development Initiatives
  3. Plan Zoning Regulations Throughout the City
  4. Develop and Implement Long-Term Planning Initiatives that solidify the success of the community. 

Please explore these functions through the links below or to the left of this page. 

Business & Economic Development

The economic development function of the department consists of compiling economic data and providing assistance to businesses going through the development process. Additionally, the department works with new and existing businesses in a variety of ways – detailed on the Business & Development Hub.

Community Development Initiatives

The Community Development Hub has information regarding Ferguson Neighborhood Improvement Program (FNIP), neighborhood organizations, and more community development initiatives put forth by the City and its partners. 

Zoning Administration

Under the planning function is zoning administration – this consists of the division of areas of the City into zones that have various uses. For example, residential areas are typically restricted to housing only and commercial districts are restricted to business. You can see the details of zoning districts within the City of Ferguson and a detailed explanation of zoning on the Zoning Administration page.

Long-Range Planning

Under the planning function is long-term planning, which consists of development and implementation of a long-range comprehensive plan for the City. The department, in consultation with Development Strategies and Rise STL, has developed a long-range plan that extends to 2040. You can see the details of that plan on the Long-Range Planning page.

Additional Department Information

The City Planner serves as the director and administrator of  Planning, Zoning, and Economic Development efforts in the City of Ferguson. The City Planner makes recommendations to the City Manager, Plan Commission and Board of Adjustment regarding zoning, subdivisions, conditional use permits, variance issues and other land use legislation. The City Planner also serves as staff liason to the Landmarks Commission.

The Plan Commission is responsible for the review of all proposed site plans and special use permits.

The Board of Adjustment serves to hear, reverse, or affirm appeals from property owners related to errors, variances, and exceptions to enforcement of the zoning and sign ordinance.