Ferguson Landmarks Commission

The Ferguson Landmarks Commission was created by ordinance in 1983. The ordinance stipulates that the commission has advisory, not statutory, jurisdiction over city landmarks. This means that the commission assists preservation efforts through education and advocacy.

Role of the Commission

The Landmarks Commission assists building owners with guidelines for restoring, renovating, and remodeling historic structures. Retaining the character of the old city, therefore, is the result of the voluntary commitment and responsibility of individual home and business owners.

Ferguson Landmarks

Any building over 50 years old that is significant to the history or physical character if the community can receive landmark status. Ferguson has more than 20 buildings that have been designated as Ferguson Landmarks. These buildings include houses, stores, churches, schools, and other institutional buildings. The Landmarks Commission reviews any plans that alter the exterior of designated Ferguson Landmarks.

Century Homes

Houses that are over 100 years old that maintain their original features and character and are appropriately maintained are available for this honorary title.

To date, the commission has awarded over 80 Century Homes plaques. The plaque expresses appreciation to the owners for their continuing commitment to preserving the city’s important buildings. The commission has no further role in reviewing or regulating Century Homes.