Ferguson Civilian Review Board (FCRB)


The Ferguson Civilian Review Board consists of nine (9) members, who serve for a term of three (3) years. The members are appointed as follows:

  • Two (2) residents from each of the city's three (3) wards
  • Three (3) at-large members who can be residents, owners of a business within Ferguson, or clergy, educators, or other community leaders serving within Ferguson. 

Current Board Members

  1. William Bryant

    William Bryant

  1. Terry Burton

    Terry Burton

  1. Tiffany Bush

    Tiffany Bush

  1. Rev Patrick Chandler

    Patrick Chandler

  1. Eugene Franks

    Eugene Franks

  1. Angelique Kidd

    Angelique Kidd

  1. Gerry Knoll

    Gerry Noll

  1. Brenda Young

    Brenda Young