Ferguson Civilian Review Board (FCRB)

The Ferguson Civilian Review Board (FCRB) was established by a City of Ferguson ordinance in Spring, 2017, and is governed by its by-laws. A brochure summarizes the board’s responsibilities and outlines the complaint review process.

The board meets in open session on the 1st Monday of every month (except for holidays when it meets on the 2nd Monday of that month) at 6:30 pm. These meetings are open to the public and include a time for public comment. Each meeting along with a link to its agenda can be found on the City Calendar.

View the Brochure
View the Ordinance
View the By-Laws

Apply to be on the Board by submitting this application to the City Clerk at 110 Church Street or by emailing it

Under Missouri Sunshine Law all meetings of the FCRB are open to the public, with the exception of those that are closed due to the review of confidential information. In addition, all minutes of open meetings are available for the public to view. Click on "Meeting Minutes" Tab below and the links within to read the minutes for the open meeting held on each date.

  1. FCRB Mission
  2. Meeting Minutes

FCRB Mission

The mission of the Ferguson Civilian Review Board (FCRB) is “...to foster respect, trust, cooperation, transparency, and accountability between the FPD and the greater Ferguson community...”

It does this by:

  • Providing oversight of investigations of complaints made against the Ferguson Police Department (FPD)
  • Reviewing a sample of use of force incidents
  • Making recommendations regarding misconduct by FPD
  • Promoting public awareness of the complaint process
  • Reviewing and assessing FPD policies and procedures
  • Serving on hiring and promotion panels
  • Assisting in building a positive relationship between FPD and the community
  • Reviewing crime data, racial profiling data, and complaint statistics to identify patterns and trends

Although it is an appointed board of the City of Ferguson, the FCRB serves as “...an independent autonomous body with respect to deliberations, decisions and recommendations.” (per FCRB By-Laws)